For many professionals, sharing is a way to save on the cost of renting an office with the company of other like-minded workers. The advent of coworking has shown that there are plenty of people interested in renting a simple workspace, and many partnerships and friendships have sprung up in such contexts.

At the CoWonderful office center in Catania you can sit at a desk and rent it for one day only and share it with up to three people. The environment will be reserved only for you and if you need more privacy on some occasions, there are still available the rental of an office for exclusive use or a meeting room. If you are certain that you will need a desk for at least a week, for only €90 you can rent it and get 2 hours free in the meeting room and a 5% discount on services.

meeting rooms rental Catania

Why choose coworking

If a well-equipped space is all you need to work, coworking is the ideal option for keeping costs very low while still having the comforts of a business center, from services to common areas.
Just sit down and you’ll be up and running immediately, and the benefits are many, summed up in time and money saved – valuable resources for any professional.

What does renting a shared desk include

Using a coworking space only means giving up total privacy in the rented environment being shared. Spaces are equipped with everything:

  • telephone
  • printer
  • photocopier
  • fax
  • scanner
  • wifi

The shared desk rental has a cost inclusive of expenses that in a traditional rental would all be borne by a company or individual professional, such as:

  • cleanings
  • volutions and contracts
  • light
  • water
  • internet
  • coffee and other beverages

Coworking and renting other spaces in a business center allow you to take advantage of additional spaces that make your office stay more comfortable. In the case of CoWonderful we are talking about:

  • kitchen
  • bathroom
  • exterior spaces

The only costs excluded from the rental and dependent on consumption are for faxing, international phone calls, use of the printer and photocopier. If you need it, you can even request the projector: the additional cost will be charged to the desk rental only when you use it.

Are you interested in renting a coworking space in Catania?
CoWonderful offers the possibility to rent coworking spaces and furnished offices. Discover the prices with one click.
You can also combine services with the rental.